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Facilities Of All Types

The patented WellBe Medical Alert System PLUS for CLUBS and WellBe SmartWatch Device from HandsFree Health have been personally endorsed, certified, and made available by Fitness Club Alert Systems and Founder/CEO Scott Hazlewood for all types of Fitness & Sports facilities. 


Call Founder/CEO, Scott Hazlewood today, for a FREE "1-ON-1" VIP  CONSULT & ESTIMATE to determine which System is best for you!

Tel:  (475) 257-1243 (Eastern Time / 7 Days A Week)

Fitness Club Alert Systems Facilities
Core Fitness

Facilities Of All Types

Our WELLBE Medical Alert System PLUS for CLUBS and WELLBE SmartWatch Device are specifically designed for the U.S. Sports Club Industry and are appropriate for the following indoor and/or outdoor facilities and club user-member needs:

  • Fitness Clubs

  • Health Clubs & Wellness Centers

  • Gyms

  • 24/7 Key Less Entry; 24/7 Key Card Access

  • Boutique Studios (Personal training, Pilates, Yoga, Martial Arts, etc.)

  • Community-Service Recreation Centers

  • Multi-Sport Athletic Complex’s

  • Country Clubs

  • Sports Academies & Camps

  • Tennis & Racquet Clubs

  • Hotels w/Health & Fitness Club or Gym

  • Corporate Employee Health, Fitness or Wellness Center and much more!  

with SCOTT HAZLEWOOD /  Founder & CEO

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